Rev. Marshall Lee Barnes



The Reverend Marshall Lee Barnes serves as pastor of The Grace Memorial Baptist Church located in Baltimore, Md.   

Reverend Marshall Lee Barnes is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He is the son of Evelyn Short. Reverend Barnes’ personal life, and ministry philosophy has been shaped by his grandmother, Littie J. Wallace. He gives thanks to God for having spiritual mentors who showed him by their living what the gospel of Jesus Christ really means. He received a clear call to ministry at a very early age. His earliest childhood memories are of a fervent desire to become a carrier of the Word.   

He is a man that loves to seek knowledge. Reverend Barnes holds several professional and ministerial degrees. He has two degrees from Howard University in Washington, D.C; a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Education. He also has a Master of Divinity degree from St. Mary’s Seminary and University, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Rev. Barnes was licensed and ordained by Reverend Dr. Irvin Pope and served as Assistant, Pastor of the Grace Memorial Baptist Church located in Baltimore, Maryland. Reverend Barnes became the 6th pastor of the Grace Memorial Baptist Church on October 4, 2015.   

Reverend Barnes has shared God’s Word extensively at churches and conventions throughout the United States. He has authored several articles in Christian magazines. Reverend Barnes is an insightful yet articulate speaker with a narrative style that enable worshippers in the congregation to use their imagination to relive each biblical experience as he narrates it. The Bible is his telescope. The telescope is not designed for people to just look through it. It is a tool that individuals use to magnify and look beyond an object. Just as God word is a tool that helps all believers to look beyond their present circumstance or situation. God’s word is not intellect on ice or ignorance on fire.   

In addition to his writing and teaching gifts, Reverend Barnes is an accomplished musician, who plays both piano and organ; which complements his abilities as a composer and lyricist.   

“And We Know That All Things Work Together for Good,” is one of Reverend Barnes’ favorite scriptures, which happens to be an expression of his life. Reverend Barnes found himself arrested by this title “Farther In and Deeper Down.” That title resonated in his mind and exploded in his heart. This is what God had called him to do, here and now, with whatever state that he is in and the days ahead.